Scope Notes

Highly Cited Researcher

Current Contents Collection: Business

Category Name Accounting & Finance
Category Description
The Accounting & Finance category covers journals in accounting and finance. Additional topics include auditing, financial economics, financial intermediation, financial services, international money, portfolio management and taxation.

Category Name Business & Economics
Category Description
The Business & Economics category contains publications in business and economics. Additional topics include business ethics, business history, electronic business and commerce, international business, developing economies, forecasting, economic statistics, monetary economics, common market studies, and real estate economics.

Category Name Employee Relations & Human Resources
Category Description
The Employee Relations & Human Resources category covers the literature concerned with career development, employee counseling, human resource management, personnel psychology, employment law, training and development, measurement and performance, and vocational behavior.

Category Name Computer Technology & Information Systems
Category Description
The Computer Technology & Information Systems category covers journals on business information systems, computer fraud and security, information management and information technology.

Category Name Business Law & Reviews
Category Description
The Business Law & Reviews category covers journals that focus on administrative law, antitrust law, business law, environmental law, law reviews, and medicine and law.

Category Name Management & Organization
Category Description
The Management & Organization category covers journals concerned with management science and leadership, operations management, and organizational behavior and dynamics. This category also includes journals on engineering management, health care management, industrial management, service industries and small business management.

Category Name Marketing & Business Communication
Category Description
The Marketing & Business Communication category contains journals that focus on advertising research, consumer marketing, marketing science, and sales and marketing management. Additional topics include industrial marketing management, international marketing, public relations, and retailing.

Category Name Political Science, Public Admin. & Development
Category Description
The Political Science, Public Admin. & Development category contains journals on conflict management, government studies, and world development. This category also contains journals that local government studies, urban development, and health politics.