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Current Contents Collection: Electronics & Telecommunications

Category Name Chemistry & Physics, Pure & Applied
Category Description
The Accounting & Finance category covers journals in accounting and finance. Additional topics include auditing, financial economics, financial intermediation, financial services, international money, portfolio management and taxation

Category Name Computer Science, Technology & Applications
Category Description
The Computer Science, Technology & Applications category contains publications on hardware, specific software packages (JAVA, C++, etc.), and applications of computer science and technology.

Category Name Electronics & Electrical Engineering
Category Description
The Electronics & Electrical Engineering category covers the literature concerned with the conduction of electricity through gases, vacuums, and materials. Topics include microelectronics, quantum electronics, reliability, and so on. Journals devoted to semiconductors and signal processing/circuits are listed under Semiconductors & Solid State Materials Technology or Signal Processing/Circuits & Systems.

Category Name Optics & Laser Research & Technology
Category Description
The Optics & Laser Research & Technology category contains the literature concerned with the genesis and propagation of light as well as the changes that it undergoes and produces. Topics include laser research and applications, such as in chemistry, physics, and engineering; optoelectronics; fiber optic technology; and photonics.

Category Name Semiconductors & Solid State Materials Technology
Category Description
The Semiconductors & Solid State Materials Technology category contains publications on semiconducting and solid state materials and the uses of such materials in electronics. Topics include solid state communications, ionics, and circuits; and semiconductor materials and safety. Several general materials science and technology journals are also included.

Category Name Signal Processing/Circuits & Systems
Category Description
The Signal Processing/Circuits & Systems category contains literature concerned with signal processing (extraction of information from a complex signal in the presence of noise) and the design and applications of circuits and systems. This category also includes literature on components packaging and manufacturing.

Category Name Telecommunications Technology
Category Description
The Telecommunications Technology category contains journals on the technical, engineering, and business and policy aspects of communications systems and technology.

Category Name Technology R & D/Management
Category Description
The Technology R&D/Management category contains literature on standardization and testing, R&D management, and technology reviews. This category also contains journals that cover multiple engineering disciplines.