Scope Notes

Current Contents/Life Sciences

Category Name Animal & Plant Sciences
Category Description
Animal & Plant Sciences covers resources in animal science, which focus on laboratory animal science and zoology; the plant science resources cover cellular and molecular biology or physiology of plant cells and plant systems. Topics include molecular biology, molecular genetics, plant-microbe interactions, physiology and cell biology, and biochemistry. A limited number of botany and general plant biology resources are also included.

Resources on veterinary medicine and veterinary science, husbandry, and general zoology are excluded.

Category Name Biochemistry & Biophysics
Category Description
Biochemistry & Biophysics focuses on the structure and chemistry of biomolecules and covers all aspects of basic biochemistry/biophysics, including molecular structure, enzyme kinetics and protein-protein interaction; this category also contains cross-disciplinary resources focused on a specific class of biological molecules, e.g., nucleic acids, steroids, magnesium, growth factors, free radicals, bio-membranes, and peptides.

Excluded are resources dealing with the application of biochemical techniques to specific topics listed elsewhere in CC/LS. Resources with a strong emphasis on the integration of biochemical pathways (such as signal transduction or molecular motors) at the cellular level are placed in the Cell & Developmental Biology category.

Category Name Cardiovascular & Hematology Research
Category Description
Cardiovascular & Hematology Research covers all levels of investigation into the normal and pathogenic functions of the heart, vasculature, and soluble blood components. Cell biology of vascular tissue and formed elements of blood, biochemical regulation of thrombosis, therapeutic strategies for treatment of cardiac and vascular diseases are also considered.

Resources on hematologic oncology are excluded and are placed in the Oncogenesis & Cancer Research category.

Category Name Cell & Developmental Biology
Category Description
Cell & Developmental Biology contains resources in biochemistry, molecular biology, biophysics, physiology, and pharmacology that have a specific emphasis on cellular function in eukaryotic systems. Topics of particular importance include receptor biology and signal transduction, regulation of gene expression at the cellular level, developmental genetics, developmental biology and morphogenesis, and cell-environment interactions.

Resources concentrated on molecular biochemistry and molecular regulation of gene expression, as well as microscopic or histological analysis of cell or tissue samples are excluded.

Category Name Chemistry & Analysis
Category Description
Chemistry & Analysis covers research on natural and laboratory syntheses, chemical structure, structure-function relationship, isolation and analyses of biologically significant molecules, medicinal and food chemistry. Technical material describing crucial chemical methods in biochemical analysis and research is also placed in this category.

Resources covering general biochemistry and natural metabolic pathways are excluded.

Category Name Endocrinology, Nutrition & Metabolism
Category Description
Endocrinology, Nutrition & Metabolism is a cross-disciplinary category combining molecular, cellular and clinical science studies of the endocrine glands, and the regulation of cell, organ, and system function by the action of secreted hormones. Chemical/biological properties of hormones, and the pathogenesis and treatment of disorders associated with either source or target organs are also covered. Nutrition coverage includes biochemical characteristics of nutrients, physiology of absorption, biological trace elements, clinical nutrition and malnutrition, and the biomedicine of obesity. Specific areas of interest include reproductive endocrinology, pancreatic hormones and diabetes, regulation of bone formation and loss, and control of growth.

Resources focusing on neuroendocrinology are excluded and are placed in the Neuroscience & Behavior category.

Category Name Experimental Biology
Category Description
Experimental Biology covers a wide array of topics concerned with research in general biology and biological systems, including evolution, ecology, radiation biology, anatomy, general biology, and resources containing diverse topics in basic biology research.

Resources on general biomedicine are excluded and are covered in the Medical Research: General Topics category. Resources with strong reliance on fields that fall outside of the core topics of Life sciences, such as biomedical engineering are placed in the Multidisciplinary category.

Category Name Immunology
Category Description
Immunology incorporates cellular and molecular studies in immunology, as well as clinical research in immunopathology, infectious disease, autoimmunity, and allergy. Host-pathogen interactions in infectious disease, as well as experimental therapeutic applications of immunomodulating agents are also considered.

Resources dealing primarily with the biology of microbial, viral, or parasitic pathogens are excluded and are covered in the Microbiology category.

Category Name Medical Research, Diagnosis & Treatment
Category Description
Medical Research, Diagnosis & Treatment contains studies of existing and developing diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, as well as specific classes of clinical intervention. Resources in this category emphasize the difference between normal and disease states, with the ultimate goal of more effective diagnosis and intervention. Specific areas of interest include pathology and histochemical analysis of tissue, clinical chemistry and biochemical analysis of medical samples, diagnostic imaging, radiology and radiation, surgical research, anesthesiology and anesthesia, transplantation, artificial tissues, and medical implants.

Resources focused on the disease, diagnosis, and treatment of specific organs or physiological systems are excluded and are covered in the Medical Research: Organs & Systems category.

Category Name Medical Research, General Topics
Category Description
Medical Research, General Topics covers a wide array of topics in medical and biomedical research, with a specific emphasis on human disease, human tissues, and all levels of research into the pathogenesis of clinically significant conditions. Specific medical fields that are characterized by the inclusion of material from several other specializations are also covered here; these include general and internal medicine, tropical medicine, pediatrics, gerontology, epidemiology, and public health.

Resources dealing with specific clinical interventions are excluded and are placed in the Medical Research: Diagnosis & Treatment category. Resources that emphasize the specific disease types, or specific systems affected are also excluded and are categorized according to the pathogen or system pathophysiology.

Category Name Medical Research, Organs & Systems
Category Description
Medical Research, Organs & Systems includes resources dealing with the normal and disease states of single organs, tissues, or single physiological systems, exclusive of the heart, vascular and immune systems. Systems covered here include hepatology, pulmonary function/physiology, gastroenterology, otolaryngology, respiratory system, andrology, gynecology and reproduction, dermatology, and dentistry/odontology.

Resources dealing with general physiology, classes of disease that immediately affect many or all body systems, and medical research focused on specific types of medical intervention are excluded.

Category Name Microbiology
Category Description
Microbiology covers the biology and biochemistry of microorganisms, bacterial, viral, and parasitic, as well as the medical implications and treatments of the subset of these organisms known to cause disease in humans and/or animals. Biotechnology applications of microorganisms for basic science or clinical use are also covered.

Resources that emphasize immune response to pathogens and its modulation by clinical intervention are excluded and are covered in the Immunology category.

Category Name Molecular Biology & Genetics
Category Description
Molecular Biology & Genetics considers all aspects of basic and applied genetics, including molecular genetics, prokaryotic and eukaryotic gene expression, mechanisms of mutagenesis, structure, function and regulation of genetic material. Also included are resources concerned with clinical genetics, patterns of inheritance, genetic cause, and screening and treatment of disease.

Resources dealing specifically with developmentally regulated gene expression, or with signal transduction pathways that modulate gene expression at the cellular level are excluded and are covered in the Cell and Developmental Biology category.

Category Name Multidisciplinary
Category Description
Multidisciplinary contains a true cross-disciplinary collection in various aspects of life sciences research with strong dependence on fields outside CC/LS coverage. Techniques that are founded in other fields but have significant application to general biological/biomedical research are covered in the Multidisciplinary category; topics include biomedical-engineering, biomechanics, medical and research applications of physics, computer science in biology and medicine, mathematical methods in medicine and biology, microscopy, biomaterials research and bioethics.

Resources containing biomedical or biological research with diverse topics are excluded and are placed in the Medical Research: General Topics and the Experimental Biology categories.

Category Name Neurosciences & Behavior
Category Description
Neurosciences & Behavior covers cellular and molecular neuroscience, neuronal development, basic and clinical neurology, psychology, psychiatry, and psychopharmacology. This category also includes experimental and biobehavioral psychology, molecular psychiatry, and studies of neuronal function underlying higher cognitive processes.

Resources dealing with cognitive or behavioral clinical psychotherapy, psychological assessments, and case-books in clinical neurology are excluded.

Category Name Oncogenesis & Cancer Research
Category Description
Oncogenesis & Cancer Research covers research into all aspects of tumorigenesis in vitro as well as the occurrence and pathogenesis of cancer. Emphasis is placed on molecular regulation of cell growth, oncogene expression/function in normal and transformed cells, mechanisms of anti-cancer drug action, and experimental therapeutics. Excluded from this category are resources dealing with the treatment of cancer in humans.

Resources concerned with cell growth and differentiation without specific application to mechanisms of oncogenesis are excluded; this material is covered in the Cell & Developmental Biology category.

Category Name Pharmacology & Toxicology
Category Description
Pharmacology & Toxicology includes all aspects of pharmacology, toxicology, and pharmaceutics. Of particular importance are cellular and molecular pharmacology, drug design and metabolism, mechanisms of drug action, drug delivery, natural products, xenobiotics, and clinical therapeutics. Toxicology coverage considers cellular and molecular effects of harmful substances, environmental toxicology, occupational exposure, and clinical toxicology.

Drug bulletins, drug updates, and pharmaceutical newsletters are excluded as are resources on pharmaceutical engineering. Medicinal chemistry, or synthesis and chemical analysis of pharmaceuticals are placed in the Chemistry & Analysis category.

Category Name Physiology
Category Description
Physiology considers resources that study the regulation of biological functions at the level of the whole organism. This includes research from biochemical, cell biological and whole system studies of human and animal physiology. Comparative physiology, biological rhythms, and physiological measurement are also included.

Resources emphasizing cellular regulation, or the physiology of specific organs are excluded and are covered in the Cell & Developmental Biology and Medical Research: Organs & Systems categories.